Below is a list I have compiled for what to prepare on the day before the wedding day.


Logistic planning :
• Prepare a low backing chair for yourself and a normal stool or chair for our artist. To have a stable surface for the artist to place her makeup box and equipment.
•.Recommended to have breakfast or meal before the arrival of our artist.


Attire :
• Any open button top or bathrobe during the makeup session.
• ‎Change into Nubra before the makeup session starts.
• ‎Contact lenses should be worn before the makeup session starts


For your face :

• If your lips are dry, please exfoliate your lips the night before.
• It is recommended to put on a hydrating face mask before our artist arrives for the best makeup effect. The face should be washed after a mask has been removed.
• Do not put on any sunblock or moisturizer as this might interfere with our makeup. Too oily moisturizers will result in the foundation to melt faster.
• ‎Inform our artist in advance if you have sensitive skin. Should you prefer our artist to use your product to avoid allergy, you can bring along your usual products.

For your hair :
• Hair must be completed dry when the artist arrives for the makeup session. If the hair is damp, our artist will take extra time to blow dry your hair resulting in a delay in the completion time.
• ‎Damp hair is hard to curl and curls will not last for long. It is not recommended to wash the hair in the morning, however, if it is a must to wash your hair in the morning, hair must be completely dry upon arrival of our artist.
• ‎Do not use hair conditioner when washing your hair the night before your wedding. Hair oil/ serums are not recommended to be applied. Drier hair is best for styling purposes.