Michelle took the liberty to come earlier than the time that we have arranged because she was afraid that I will not be able to make it for my appointment on time. She was very professional and made sure that she was able to achieve the look that I wanted. I was very satisfied with my hairdo that I requested. The makeup though i thought was a little thick at first, it actually appeared nice on photos. Then I realised the makeup actually took some time to set before it does look natural, just the way I wanted. Thanks Michelle for your kind service. :)

Rachel Tan


Thank you for the wonderful work my hair and makeup at my competition. I felt completely confident and relaxed and was able to completely focus in the day itself, which was absolutely perfect. My first and second competition image all perfect and amazing completed because you're my makeup artist. Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors and thanks again, it was great to have you preparing me! Thank you Michelle!


Mok QiuYin

17499497_1318295428262717_6585248597378154572_n (1).jpg

Michelle is very professional and ensured preferences are met. Outcome is very natural and just the way I wanted it. Best part shes very quick but detailed in her work. Defintely shes a makeup artist worth enagaging again!

Hafsah Begum 

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Michelle is easy to talk to as she listens to your requests. I was especially pleased with the modern hairdo she created for me. Was light and yet formal at the same time.